Roe v. Wade the Movie

Roe v. Wade the Movie: Free Showings & Complementary Snacks

Free Event: Roe v. Wade the Movie

Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021

Show Times: 3:30pm & 6:30pm

Place: Healy Point Country Club 

Address: 293 River N Blvd. | Macon, GA 31211


  • Is Roe v Wade a Christian movie? It’s not a strictly religious, faith-based movie, but it stresses themes of protecting the unborn, honesty, redemption, and justice.
  • Is the movie appropriate for children? Due to the realistic depiction of abortion in the 1970s, we advise caution regarding younger viewers and would suggest a minimum age of 16 (depending on the maturity of the individual).

FREE SHOWING & Snacks: For additional information contact Joan Childs 478-719-1618 or or

~Free Movie & Snacks are hosted by GRTL’s Macon-Bibb County Chapter. 

Current COVID Guidelines will be followed. 

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