Abortion in Macon?

Q. Is Abortion Coming to Middle Georgia?

A. Right now this is a disputed question.  The Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission did approve Summit Center, LLC. to use 833 Walnut St. in Downtown Macon to perform first trimester abortions.  However, Summit Center, LLC has been stopped from moving into downtown Macon for now, please click here to read more about this topic.  We must remain vigilant as they, or another Abortion Business, may attempt to move into Macon or one of our Sister Cities here in Middle Georgia. And, never fail to remember we serve a Sovereign God.

Q. What is Abortion?

A. Abortion takes many forms, but it always results in the termination of a human life.  For more information on Abortion, its risks, methods, etc. click here.

Q. Will an Abortion Facility in Macon Make a Difference?

A. Sadly, it certainly will.  If you wonder about the impact an Abortion Facility will have on Macon, if it will make a difference in Middle Georgia, please consider this piece by the Macon Telegraph about the proposed clinic (that has since been stopped).  The Macon Telegraph quotes extensively from a Summit Care representative, Tanya Little, who says things like:

One reason the company chose Macon is because “the next closest facilities that provide abortion care are Atlanta and Savannah,” said Tanya Little, executive director of the Georgia and Michigan offices. “So Middle Georgia is really without a provider for abortion care.”
Also, the company is aware there “are a lot of folks” who don’t have the means to travel long distances to get the services they want, Little said.
“It’s an absolute hardship,” she said. “We’re committed to providing quality abortion care, and that includes providing care in the communities where it’s inaccessible because there are no providers. … We want to make sure that folks who need care can access it.”
Little said abortions would probably be the service used the most.
“The bulk of our services is abortion because it is not available elsewhere, and women do have more access to their OB-GYN care in most communities than they do to abortion care,” she said.
This very clearly shows Summit Center, LLC.’s mindset and it is 100% pro-abortion and they know it will make a difference in Middle Georgia if allowed.  And, they honestly acknowledge that avenues for health care are already very easy to access and readily available here in Middle Georgia, but abortion is not.  Remember, abortion is a business and if the company did not think it was a profitable environment for them they would not be focusing on Macon and Middle Georgia. 

Q. Is There Anything I Can do to Help?

A. Absolutely!  

  1.  Pray!  Pray in private, pray with your family, pray with your small groups, Bible Studies, Church, students, and join us in public prayer as well.  Email us at MaconStandsForLife@gmail.com for more information on public prayer meetings.
  2. Write your local government officials.  The Mayor’s office, Planning & Zoning, and your District Commissioner, tell them you do not want Abortion coming to Macon.
  3. Support local pregnancy centers and adoption agencies who are already providing free services to mothers and families in need. 
  4. Join Macon Stands for Life (A Chapter of Georgia Right to Life) and become a member or a Life Liaison today! Email us at MaconStandsForLife@gmail.com for the next meeting date.
  5. Spread the word!  Our Marches for life have been received very well by our community.  But, not everyone knows that an abortion facility maybe coming to Macon/Middle Georgia.  Get the word out to your friends and family.  Encourage everyone to Stand for Life.  Stand for and with these Mothers in need or crisis.  Stand for those without a voice.  Stand for the weak and the helpless.  Stand so that others may have HOPE!

Have Questions About Abortion?

We highly recommend seeing the movie UnPlanned that is showing now in theaters across our nation.  Watch the trailer here.

How Can You Help?

A. Become a Life Liaison today!  Click Here

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