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Change the World. Stand for Life.

Looking for a practical way to stand for life?  Help keep our Middle Georgia community  connected and updated on important pro-life issues and ways to serve?  Become a Macon Stands for Life Liaison!

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Macon Stands for Life
A Chapter of Georgia Right to Life

NOTE: Organizations can be Churches, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Sunday Schools, School Groups, Businesses, Social Clubs, Individuals, etc.

Life Liaison Description of Position

Life Liaisons with Macon Stands for Life (MSL) are responsible for communicating messages from MSL to the Organization* of which they are a part concerning upcoming MSL events and news items.

Life Liaisons are also responsible for communicating back to their MSL Liaison Coordinator information concerning whatever support their Organization may be able and willing to provide, and should be willing to coordinate the efforts of their Organization in support of MSL insofar as they have authority to do so.

In fulfilling their responsibilities, the Life Liaison should:

Meet with an Officer of their Organization (or Officers, depending on their Organization’s structure), to inform them of MSL’s mission, seek their commitment, request permission to share MSL’s mission with other members of the Organization, and see what resources the Organization may be able and willing to share with MSL (It is imperative that all liaison activities be conducted with the approval of the Organization represented).

  1. Continue to educate themselves on Pro-Life issues.
  2. Educate Officers and Members of their Organization on Pro-Life issues.
  3. Advocate for the support of MSL and its mission within their Organization.
  4. Establish a communication network within their Organization to disseminate news concerning MSL events, news, and prayer requests. In establishing such a network, the Life Liaison is advised to seek permission to include MSL messages in their Organization’s bulletins, newsletters, or similar communications.

In all of their efforts on behalf of MSL, the Life Liaison should conduct themselves with kindness, charity, and a peaceable spirit. While their diligence and perseverance is needed, a loving and Christ-like attitude should be in evidence as they seek to advocate for the helpless and hurting in our community.

*Organizations can be Churches, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Sunday Schools, School Groups, Businesses, Social Clubs, Individuals, etc.

Macon Stands for Life: Mission Statement

Macon Stands for Life: Keep Middle Georgia Abortion Free, is a Chapter of Georgia Right to Life ( whose mission is to restore respect and effective legal protection for all innocent human life from earliest biological beginning to natural death. Within that mission MSL’s  short term goal is to connect concerned residents of Middle Georgia who desire to stand together for moms and babies in crisis. We are opposed to abortion. While we hope to be a voice to the voiceless, our purpose is to be more. We want to be hands and feet working for the good of moms who are desperate and in need of love and assistance. We want to connect Associations, Agencies, Churches, Businesses, School Groups, and Caring Residents who are willing to come alongside of any mother in crisis in helpful and practical ways.

Click Here to become a Life Liaison today and take a Stand for Life.

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