How You Can Help

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Why take a stand for life now?

Did you know?

That on May 14th, 2018 the Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission approved Summit Center PC. to open an Abortion Facility in Downtown Macon on 833 Walnut St.

Did you know?

That there is already a strong presence in Middle Georgia of local organizations that provide free health care to women?

Did you know?

There are currently no abortion facilities in Middle Georgia?

Did you know?

Why Macon was chosen for an Abortion Facility? Per this Macon Telegraph article:

One reason the company chose Macon is because “the next closest facilities that provide abortion care are Atlanta and Savannah,” said Tanya Little, executive director of the Georgia and Michigan offices. “So Middle Georgia is really without a provider for abortion care.”

Also, the company is aware there “are a lot of folks” who don’t have the means to travel long distances to get the services they want, Little said. […]”It’s an absolute hardship,” she said. “We’re committed to providing quality abortion care, and that includes providing care in the communities where it’s inaccessible because there are no providers. … We want to make sure that folks who need care can access it.”

Little said abortions would probably be the service used the most.
“The bulk of our services is abortion because it is not available elsewhere, and women do have more access to their OB-GYN care in most communities than they do to abortion care,” she said.

Did you know?

That Abortion not only always ends a human child’s life, but that it harms the mother as well?

Did you know?

The building at 833 Walnut Street, which was the planned site of the Summit Center abortion business, was been purchased in December by [a precious couple] and the lease with Summit Center was terminated as a condition of the purchase; consequently, the abortion business will not be coming to Walnut Street, but the building instead was donated to the Kolbe Center which provides services and help for women in Middle Georgia completely free.

Do you know How You Can Help?

Practical steps you can take to care for those in our community and stand for life:

  1. Have compassion for mothers and fathers in need or crisis and let that motivate you to action.
  2. Write your local officials.
  3.  Gather to pray.
  4. Support local Pregnancy Centers & Adoption Agencies. Email us for a full list of those already serving in Middle Georgia.
  5. Get involved and spread the word.
  6. Join ‘Macon Stands for Life: Keep Middle Georgia Abortion Free’. We are looking for individuals, groups, businesses, Churches, and other concerned members of the community to partner with us in helping mothers in need or crisis, saving lives, and restoring honor to human life.  If you would like to join us in Standing for Life please email us at  You can become a Liaison today.
  7. Ask your Pastors, Sunday School Leaders, Bible Study Leaders, and Principles how they can become more involved.  Please let us know if we can help you with any Pro-Life education. for information or educational requests.
  8. Help support women and moms in need.
  9. Consider becoming a foster family and/or adoption.




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